our story

In 1996, Gerry Roach began operating a plastering business out of his garage in Mekinock, North Dakota. He recognized an opportunity to make a difference and provide high-quality construction services to his small, rural community. And so, the story of Forks Lath and Plaster began. Armed with his dedication and a strong work ethic, Gerry set out to create a legacy that would stand the test of time.

The business continued to grow, gradually adding both personnel and equipment in order to better meet the needs of the community. FLP secured our first steel stud framing contract in 1998 for the Grand Forks County Office Building, and from there, we never looked back. Over the years, we have expanded our services to include insulation and drywall, and worked on a wide range of projects across critical industries such as higher education, government, and healthcare.

From the very beginning, FLP has embodied family values and a commitment to our people. While some companies are just now stepping up their benefits due to increasing labor shortages, we’ve been doing it since the very beginning–offering comprehensive health insurance long before it became the norm and enabling our employees to put family first. 

In 2018, Jared Roach took the reins and continued to drive FLP’s growth and success. Today, FLP is more than 50 employees strong and has established a reputation of getting the job done to the highest level. While FLP has grown, we’ve remained steadfast in our commitment to excellence, family values, and the well-being of our employees.

our builders

At Forks Lath and Plaster, we’re all builders. From project managers to construction workers to office administration, all of us help to build your project.

John Doe
Project Manager

Jane Smith

Michael Johnson

Sarah Davis

David Wilson
Construction Manager

Emily Thompson
Marketing Specialist


Are you ready to work with a company that combines a rich history with a forward-thinking approach? Join the FLP family, where excellence is our tradition and integrity is our cornerstone.